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It’s Game On At Acer, New Predator PC Gaming Range

Acer is one of the world’s best PC gaming Companies claimed an Intel executive, his comments were backed up by several leading gaming reviewers at the New York launch of new Acer Predator gaming PC’s.

#1 in PC gaming in several European and Asian Countries the new range of Acer Predator gear is built around a new generation of gaming technology.

According to Gartner analyst’s PC gaming is growing faster than console gaming and in what could shock to a lot of people 50% of this audience which Intel executives claim is bigger than console gaming is “closet” females.

High up in the World Trade Centre Acer who are looking to grow their share of the gaming market in Australia announced a seriously powerful range of gaming products including a Predator G1 gaming desktop, Predator 17X gaming notebook, and the Predator Z1 series monitor.Predator G1_G1-710_05

There was even a wheelie bag for one new Predator machine.

Popular with the gaming journalists at today’s event, the Predator G1 PC is the biggest grunt PC gaming machine ever built by Acer.

It runs on 6th generation Intel Core processors, a full-sized Nvidia GTX Titan X, and up to 64GB DDR4 RAM.

It also supports up to four Virtual Reality platforms.

For those who prefer to do their gaming on a desktop, the Predator G1 can be packed into a customised wheelie suitcase.

Acer says it’s taken the internals from its previous Predator G6 desktops and crammed them into a much smaller enclosure.Predator 17 X_GX-791_01

Acer also announced that the first 1,000 people who order a G1 will get a free suitcase, custom designed to carry the PC. We are not certain whether the promotion applies to Australia.

For those who want something big, sleek and powerful there is the all new Predator 17X, a gaming notebook that has front facing cooling vents and can be overclocked to deliver desktop grade with an Nvidia GTX 980.

New Acer gaming monitor

New Acer gaming monitor

The unlock key is Acers new custom triple-fan cooling system, which, Acer claims allows the 17X to be turbo overclock up to 1348 an option that seriously impressed the hard core gaming journalists at today’s event.

In addition to the usual two fans, there’s a third in the front of the laptop that pulls in air from the that side of the machine and blasts it directly over those components that get hot in the midst of battle.Predator Z1_Z271_05

VR-ready, Acer claims that its G1 and 17X are the only PCs that support four VR standards, including the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Acer also announced the Predator Z1 27-inch monitor, a curved display that supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology for improved game play. G-Sync aims to reduce stutter and lag time by synchronizing display panels to the refresh rate of games. GPUs are connected directly to displays.

The monitor has full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz. It has DisplayPort and HDMI ports, and five USB 3.0 ports.

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