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Is Samsung Set To Take On Tipped Motorola Razr With Three Headed Smartphone?

Samsung has filed a patent for a bizarre three screen flip phone that could take on the Motorola Razr.

The patent which was filed a year ago features a design for a three-screened flip phone that spreads out like a fan. The display screens stack up on top of each other.

The concept is based on the notion that users could then spread out one by one for example a video on one and an email message on the other. Some say that the new LG V50 with its dual screen is a better option.

All three touchscreens are connected at the base with a bezel, no physical buttons can be seen on the device and the drawings don’t show a camera.

When the phone is folded up it looks like a regular, if not thick, smartphone.

We don’t know what kind of applications and tech the smartphone would provide but the patent does suggest that Samsung want to bring back flip phones with cutting edge technology.

One of the unusual concepts that the company did bring to life after it initially appeared on a patent design was the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is set to get re-released later this week.

The good news is Samsung is said to have fixed the problems but a good workover by reviewers who exposed the last lot of flaws will be the ultimate test.

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