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Is HTC’s U11+ The Resurrected Pixel 2 XL?

Following the launch of HTC’s U11+ last night, speculation has grown that the new device may actually be a clone of Google’s original Pixel 2 XL phone.

Code named ‘Muskie’, Google’s original Pixel 2 XL handset design was terminated, and replaced with an LG-manufactured version.

American-based tech publication, The Verge, claims that the core basics of ‘Muskie’, have gone on to become the newly unveiled HTC U11+.

Recent leaks uncovered by XDA-Developers last week, revealed details of HTC’s new device, enclosed in a code dump to the Android Open Source Project, which shows that the U11+ has the same 6″ display size, 18:9 aspect ratio and 2880×1440 resolution as ‘Muskie’.

The U11+ also has a very ‘Pixel-like’ fingerprint scanner on its rear.

Whilst the ‘discovery’ could be largely coincidental, confirmation of the rumours by sources close to HTC, may provide some level of weight to the allegations.

‘Muskie’ and HTC’s U11+ both incorporate different battery sizes – 3,830 mAh and 3,930mAh respectively.

Tech industry insider and Android developer, Paul O’Brien, has offered his rebuttal to the claims:

HTC has not yet confirmed when, or whether, the U11+ will land in Australia.

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