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Is Gerry Harvey Set To Start Making Prison Visits?

Serious questions are being asked about Gerry Harvey and his dodgy mates in particular his relationship with a former major supplier to Harvey Norman stores who along with his brother is now in a Queensland slammer.

Devote Mormon, Andrew Young a joint owner of appliance Company Kleenmaid was recently sentenced to 9 years in jail after being found guilty of fraud what everyone is now asking is why Gerry Harvey got him involved in a running a cucumber farm after he was charged and why is Gerry Harvey now flogging that entity days after the conviction.

Young’s conviction came years after fellow Kleenmaid directors Gary Collyer Armstrong and Bradley Wendell Young, Andrew’s brother, were found guilty of the same charges. Armstrong was sentenced in 2015 to five and a half years’ jail, with Bradley Young sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment in 2016.

It took eight years, three trials and a fraudulently obtained $13 million loan, but Kleenmaid (shadow) director Andrew Young was finally sentenced onto nine years in jail for his role in the collapse of the appliance business.

It also appears that it impacted some of the plans that Gerry Harvey, who has already had one spectacular farming failure in Victoria had for his cucumber venture.

It now appears that despite the serious charges Young faced Gerry Harvey handed him a key job running a multimillion-dollar artisanal hydroponic cucumber operation in Peats Ridge Queensland which now has a for sale sign up.

Locals where the farm is in Peats Ridge Queensland are now asking how involved Young remains in the whole venture considering the earliest, he will get out of a Queensland prison is 2025.

According to the Financial Review A $60 million Maroochy River hydroponic cucumber development was in 2018 lodged with the Sunshine Coast Council by Victorian-based firm Katunga Fresh.

But various planning documents show some involvement from WorldwideLinx Pty Ltd, a company where Young was recently the sole director.

WorldwideLinx commissioned the landscape masterplan and held a call option over the land which it covered.

The AFR went on to claim that the now-approved development is controversial with some of the locals because of its sheer size and location, 1.5 kilometres from the township of Yandina in what the Council describes as an area of “high scenic value”.

Earlier this month, a sign went up on the greenhouses’ address heralding the Sunny Coast Fresh Hydroponic Glasshouse, “coming soon”.

The mobile number on the sign, which went straight to a voicemail message that didn’t identify its owner when we called, is the same as that previously fielding inquiries about Harvey’s Peat Ridge facility, which Young ran.

Yesterday Andrew Young’s mobile was answered by a female who said, “leave a message”. It will be interesting to see if Gerry Harvey makes any prison visits.

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