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BMW Owners Get Apple iOS NFC Bug Fix

The latest Apple iPhone update has addressed a bug that resulted in Apple Pay and other NFC features malfunctioning on iPhone 15 devices, following charging them with BMW’s in-car wireless chargers.

This is a troublesome issue as it could also potentially affect the proper operation of the BMW digital car key.

Apple released iOS 17.1.1 the other day, which appears to resolve the problem.

The iPhone 15 was launched in late September, and an internal memo was issued in late October noting the issue occurred when a user charged an iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, or 15 Pro Max in some BMWs and Toyota Supras.

The latest update also fixed an issue where the lock screen weather widget showed a file icon instead of a snow one.

These are Apple’s notes that accompanied the iOS 17.1.1 update.

“This update provides bug fixes for your iPhone including:

  • In rare circumstances, Apple Pay and other NFC features may become unavailable on iPhone 15 models after wireless charging in certain cars.
  • Weather Lock Screen widget may not correctly display snow.”

If the update on a phone isn’t delivered automatically, the user needs to complete the process manually.

This can be done by going into Settings, then General, then Software Update. Information is provided about the update and what it comes with. The user can then choose to update now, or overnight.

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