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iPhone Owners Claim iOS 17.4 Update Ruins Battery Life

Apple’s latest iPhone update, iOS 17.4, brought over 100 new emojis, security updates, and a bunch of other changes.

However, some users are claiming that the latest update has completely ruined their battery life.

One iPhone user said their battery dropped 40% over two hours, and another claimed they saw a 13% drop after just writing two posts on X (formerly Twitter).

The update brought with it a range of changes and bug fixes, as well as 118 new emojis, including a lime, a phoenix, a mushroom, shaking heads, and a breaking chain.

There’s also a major security update for iMessage, designed to protect messages from future computing hacks.

However, since downloading the new update, some users are claiming it has a negative impact on their batteries.

Just less than 24 hours after it was released, users were posting on X, reporting the increased battery drain.

One said, “Has anyone else experienced a rapid battery drain after updating to iOS 17.4?”

Another wrote, “DO NOT UPDATE TO IOS 17.4. It’s a trap you battery gonna be draining quick.”

A third said, “Big drain. Don’t update.”

Some users shared the details of their issues with battery drain, which show a significantly shorter battery life, if correct.

Others had reported struggles with charging the batteries after updating their software.

“Today I tried to charge my iPhone 11 pro which was having 40% remaining battery when I plug into charging. It has taken more than 4 hours to charge 94%.”

If anyone is experiencing battery drain after the iOS 17.4 update, here are some tips to follow, however, it’s been reported the most important thing to do is be patient.

Following an update, it’s common to expect some drop in battery life as the iPhone continues to carry out various background tasks including updating apps and rebuilding caches.

This usually lasts between a few hours and a day depending on the age of the phone, and the bandwidth of the connection.

Additionally, rebooting the phone could help resolve these issues quicker. Try a force restart by holding down the side or volume button until the power slider appears.

Then turn the phone off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.

Another reason the new software could be causing battery drain is out of date apps causing issues. A tip is to make sure all apps are updated, but the iPhone’s battery tools should explain more if a detailed analysis is required.

To see this, go to the Settings app, go to the Battery section, and scroll down to see how the battery drain is split between apps.

If any apps are draining a lot of power, try updating them, keeping them closed when not needed, or removing them.

For iPhone 15 users, the update came with new battery health information, which allows the user to learn more about their phone.

In the Battery Health & Charging settings, users who have updated will see information including cycle count, manufacture date, and when the battery was first used.

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