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iOS 17.2 To Upgrade NameDrop Feature

NameDrop was recently released on iPhones as a way to share contact information via Apple’s AirDrop technology.

The company is broadening the number of users with its upcoming iOS 17.2 software update due next week.

Once the update has dropped, owners will be able to use NameDrop to quickly share other items within the Wallet app, including boarding passes and concert tickets.

Reports reveal it will just be a matter of selecting the pass to share from the Wallet app, hitting a new Share button, and then placing the sending phone above the receiving phone.

Both phones will need to be on iOS 17.2 to user to feature, and the recipient will need to accept the transfer.

It’s already possible to share passes manually from the Wallet app, but this addition seems to be improving the NameDrop feature.

Apple said in the release notes for iOS 17.2, “AirDrop improvements including expanded contact sharing options and the ability to share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes by bringing two iPhones together.”

NameDrop has made headlines recently after law enforcement in the US advised users to turn it off, over fears contact details could be stolen.

These fears were unfounded due to the need for a mutual consent for details to be exchanged.

iOS 17.2 will also release the Journal app, as well as new options for the Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro.

Additionally, the ability to capture Spatial Video will be added to the iPhone 15 Pro models, intended for users to relive on the upcoming Vision Pro headset.

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