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Intel Showcases Speedy Wi-Fi 7 Technology, Coming Soon

Australia is looking more and more likely to leapfrog Wi-Fi 6E technology as the far superior Wi-Fi 7 looms, showcased in a speedy proof-of-concept demonstration by Intel.

In the below YouTube video, uploaded on Intel’s Newsroom channel, the company shows that Wi-Fi 7 can achieve speeds of up to over 5 Gbps, five times the maximum Wi-Fi 6 speed, and 25X what Wi-Fi 5 achieves with its 200 Mbps.

On top of this, latencies will be greatly reduce, to appear almost non-existent.

“The reduced latencies will be invaluable for immersive experiences over Wi-Fi, with the most obvious applications being online gaming and reduced latency for wireless VR headsets,” said Broadcom, who co-piloted the test.

“For media streamers, it also opens up the eye-popping possibility of UHD 16K resolution high fps streaming, or more people on the network streaming 4K or 8K videos.”

Intel hopes to deploy Wi-Fi 7 modems in Intel-powered laptops from 2024.

The below comparison table shows what to expect from the ultra-fast future.


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