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Instagram Quietly Launches In-App Payments

Facebook-owned, Instagram, has today [quietly] debuted in-app payment functionality, enabling some users to add credit/debit card details, with a PIN for added security.

In-app payment is currently only available for some Instagram users, and is reportedly in its initial test phase ahead of forthcoming roll-out.

The new feature – first noticed by TechCrunch – enhances Instagram’s e-commerce capabilities, allowing users to make purchases directly inside the app.

As previously reported, the news comes after Instagram launched e-commerce tagging in March.

Some users are also able to book appointments – e.g. restaurants – via third-party integration with reservation app ‘Resy’.

Instagram’s new in-app payment feature is likely to appeal to many businesses and retailers, enhancing digital marketing initiatives.

As most retailers post product images to their Instagram profiles, it makes sense the social media platform will facilitate seamless purchases also.



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