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Inside Samsung’s 2022 ‘TIGER’ Strategy To Beat Apple

Samsung Electronics has taken inspiration from the Chinese zodiac for its aggressive push into the American market, with an aim to dismantle Apple from the top of the tech tree.

According to reports from Korea Herald, over 40 Samsung executives from around the world met in Las Vegas ahead of CES 2022 to discuss the company’s smartphone plans, which uses the acronym TIGER.

The letters stand for:

  • True No. 1 in all product categories
  • Improve flagship market share
  • Gap between Apple (as in, reduce this gap)
  • Expanding (the company’s market presence in adjacent products such as wireless earphones)
  • Record year

“Our MX vision is to shift from a smartphone vendor to an intelligent device company,” Roh Tae-moon, head of the tech giant’s mobile experience, said during the closed-door meeting.

“We will not be a tech brand, but a brand beloved by young generations, providing innovative experience.”

Roh then played a clip which spelled out the action plan, and “contained constant roaring sounds of a tiger throughout”, according to Korea Herald.

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