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Indi Imports Showcases New Electronic Furniture Portfolio – NorStone

Indi Imports has today announced it has launched a new brand into its INDI portfolio, titled NorStone.

The NorStone range is said to instantly captivate with its ‘impeccable style, its line and surfaces,’ replicating the design of a professional architect.

‘A flawless creation that is extremely functional for holding all your electronic components, both sound and video,’ Indi Imports wrote in a statement.

‘NorStone has an ultramodern and precious appeal with rare seductive power. The imagination of NorStone’s designers has managed to transform stands into luxury decorative objects.’

HiFi Racks Range

The first product featured in NorStone is the Esse Hifi, a high unit from the SSE range, which boasts of a simple yet refined design.

Esse Hifi was designed to seduce consumers with its simplicity and elegance, with the unit able to be equipped with electronics within each layered shelf. The top shelf, for example, can accommodate a vinyl, turntable or a flat screen.

The plain design of the Esse Hifi makes it a functional and elegant piece of furniture that is ready to house consumer’s AV equipment with style.

The Esse Hifi can be purchased in black only for $599.

The Stabbl Hifi is also a part of the racks range, which houses TV and Hifi units for audiophiles, both ‘robust and functional.’

Whether it is Hifi or AV version, Stabbl furniture is said to be equipped with a unique technicality with a wave absorption system that supports the multiple trays – taking full advantage of the 15mm thickness.

The black glass shelves are said to give the range a ‘sobriety’ that will adopt to all styles in a household. The large sized storage modules can accommodate all elements of high-fidelity or home theatre systems, including the heaviest and most voluminous links.

The Stabbl Hifi is available in either black or bamboo and retails for $1,199.

Speaker Stands Range

The Stylum range of feet has been designed by an audiophile for passionate audio consumers. The adjustable top and bottom tips provide an ideal fit for flawless stability.

Extremely rigid, these stands effectively contribute to improving the bass of the speakers. The speakers are structured by powder-coated steel, black satin, white satin, silver satin or black satin or oak.

The Stylum speakers are available in two sizes, with a height of either 600mm or 800mm, and are retailed for $499 or $599.

Cable Range.

NorStone will offer more than furniture housing for AV equipment and accessories by also including AV Cables.

The calbes in the Jura range have been developed for high-end hifi and home cinema applications.

The detachable NorStone Jura HDMI 2.0 optical fiber cable was developed to meet the requirements of the HDMI 2.0 standard.

It is, therefore, compatible with the transport of UHD/4K 60Hz HDR (2.0b=18g/sec), FULL HD or 3D video streams over distances up to 100m, as well as 7.1 audio streams in high definition.

The cable is specially designed to be integrated into your cable glands thanks to detachable side.

A price has not been announced for this cable. All products mentioned in this article can be purchased from the Indi Imports official website.


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