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Ikea Tops Oz Retail Satisfaction For June

Ikea has nabbed the top spot as Australia’s leading retailer for customer satisfaction beating the likes of JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

For the month of June, the Swedish furniture company scored a customer satisfaction rating of 91.6 per cent, a 7.4 per cent jump compared with the prior year.

JB Hi-Fi is second with a 90.6 per cent rating, Harvey Norman in third on 89.4 per cent and The Good Guys in fourth on 89.2 per cent.

According to Roy Morgan, all four leading furniture and electrical retailers increased their customer satisfaction over the last 12 months however Ikea’s improvement has outstripped its rivals since mid-2017.

Analysis of the overall furniture and electrical store market shows over 6.1 million Australians shop at a furniture or electrical store in an average four weeks.

Michele Levine, CEO at Roy Morgan says, “Ikea’s victories in the first half of 2018 are the Swedish retailers’ first monthly victories since January 2015 and put Ikea in a good position to end the dominance of JB Hi-Fi and subsidiary The Good Guys in the category.

“Both Ikea and JB Hi-Fi hold strong appeal for high income inner urban ‘Metrotechs’ and well-off outer-suburbanites known as ‘Today’s Families’, however the customer bases of the two diverge beyond these two communities.

“Ikea is over-represented amongst high income families in the inner suburbs known as ‘Leading Lifestyles’ while the outer-suburban communities ‘Aussie Achievers’ and ‘Getting By’ are far more likely to be found at a JB Hi-Fi than Ikea.”

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