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Ikea Launch New Smart Hub Thats Not Compatible With Sonos Devices

Swedish furniture Company Ikea who pays a minimum amount of tax in Australia, despite raking in billions in revenue, is set to have a crack at trying to gain a position in the home automation market with a new ‘Dirigera’ hub that is surprisingly not Matter certified and will not support older Sonos speakers.

Matter is a brand new open-source standard that allow internet-connected devices from different manufacturers to simply and securely communicate with each other with observers claim that they are surprised that Ikea have chosen to launch a device without Matter technology built in when competitors are rolling out Matter certified devices.

The new Matter open-source technology is designed to help manufacturers easily build devices that are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and other smart home and voice services, according to the non-profit Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) that oversees the standard.

The idea is to foster interoperability among smart home devices, regardless of brand, so you can seamlessly control them via your platform of choice.

Ikea, who recently moved to cut costs in Australia by moving to a consult model from small format stores in select shopping centres as opposed to large warehouse operations, is launching a device called’ Dirigera’ which is a smart home hub, it comes with a new Ikea smart home app.

The device that is currently rolling out in the USA and Europe and is set to be launched in Australia next year according to sources.

For those who are mystified by the name ‘Dirigera’ it means “conducting” in Swedish.

Ikea who has been selling cheap Sonos’s speakers in Australia for several years along with smart light bulbs claim that the new device will allow them to ” Infuse the home with digital intelligence”.

Apparently, the Company believes that they can take on mainstream players in the automation market with their latest offering.

According to ChannelNews investigations the technology in the hub is from Tuya and is no different than the hub Melbourne based Company Brilliant, and Laser Corporation are using in their product offering.

Remote access to Ikea devices in the home still require third-party integration until the first half of 2023.

Ikea also doesn’t offer a migration tool to move existing devices and scenes over from their older Trådfris Gateway to the new Dirigera hub.

The Home smart app’s new home screen is a simple dashboard with each room represented by a square in your choice of colours.

Inside the squares are interactive icons that let you control the smart devices in each room.

Click the square and you’ll find you can fine-tune control over an attached device.

Early users have reported problems attaching older Sonos’s audio devices.

This is because the new hub only supports speakers that can run the S2 operating system, making Ikea’s new Home smart app incompatible with older Sonos S1 networks and devices.

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