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OzPost Planning Drone Delivery

OzPost Planning Drone Delivery

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour has confirmed that OzPost is working on a trial of using drones to deliver parcels, at least – mail may come later. 

“We’ve been talking to a major customer, an e-tailer, who would like to particularly deliver to regional and rural communities,” Fahour told the Australian Financial Review at the weekend.

“How do you get the parcel they’ve bought [from the] street to their home? We’re focused on convenience. So we’re going to trial in 2016 with a major customer.”

Fahour said the drone being looked at can hold parcels weighing up to two kilograms.

“It meets all of the flying requirements, has back-up engines and GPS co-ordinates, so we can put it right on (the customer’s) patio,” he said.

He added that OzPost is also looking at having 3D printers available at its post offices.