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IFA: MSI’s Immerse GH40 ENC Snags Best Of IFA Award

MSI has debuted the Immerse GH40 ENC, the company’s first headset to sport Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology.

The new technology identifies and cancels out background noise that would otherwise hinder communication and immersion, allowing for clearer conversation between friends and teammates whilst gaming.

Alongside the promise of clearer audio, the Immerse GH40 boasts virtual 7.1 spatial audio, delivered via a pair of 40mm neodymium drivers, which have a frequency range of 20Hz – 20,000Hz

MSI’s new gaming headphones earned it the Best Of IFA 2022 award for best new gaming headset.

The Immerse GH40 was far from the Taiwanese tech company’s only releases, also unveiling their latest Prestige 16 and Prestige 16 EVO Business and Productivity range, which are now equipped with 12th gen i7 processors, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and a 16:10 mini-LED panel.

The company’s previously announced Titan GT77 (AKA the desktop killer) also made an appearance, alongside it’s range of monitors, GPU’s, and other PC components.

Pricing and availability for the immerse GH40 ENC was not disclosed.

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