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IFA: LG Enters Into The Cute Figurines Business

LG Electronics is so proud of its new InstaView range that it is creating an entire LG-themed playset and figurine collection around it.

LG has teamed up with German toy manufacturer PLAYMOBIL for one of the oddest toy collections in recent history.

The figures and appliances will be available to purchase from next year, and feature three ‘characters’: “the safety-conscious and always-ready-to-help Henry (a.k.a. ‘LG Man’), the popular kitchen and lifestyle influencer Nora, and the fashion-forward J.J.”

Of course, toys get bored easily, which is why LG has designed miniature-scale versions of the company’s washing machines, InstaView ovens, InstaView refrigerators, and the all-in-one WashTower.

“We’re delighted to give IFA visitors a sneak preview of our fantastic new toy collection, created in collaboration with Germany’s own PLAYMOBIL,” said Roh Soo-kie, head of brand communications at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.

“Consumers will be able to get their hands on these collectible characters at exclusive events and promotions starting in early 2023.

“We will continue to offer interactive activities that deliver unique customer experiences and highlight LG’s ongoing commitment to innovation for a better life.”

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