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IFA 2017:Logitech Takes Desktop Speakers To New Level

As desktop PC’s were becoming the norm, ahead of the boom in notebooks Logitech was a big seller of attach PC speakers, now the Swiss Company has taken desktop speakers to a new level with the release at IFA 2017 of a very smart MX sound system.

Tipped to be launched shortly in Australia, these are no ordinary pair of desktop speakers, firstly they are a serious complement to any notebook and can be easily switched between a notebook and smartphone.

They also have a relatively low profile that won’t get in the way of your monitors or your PC accessories.

Logitech claims that these speakers deliver big sound for their size as we found out when playing with them at IFA.

This is due to the MX Sound’s “24-Watt Peak power, superior drivers, and rear-facing port tubes.” You can connect to two different devices through Bluetooth, and you can use a 3.5mm wired connection as well.

The touch controls on the right speaker are backlit, making them easier to navigate, and MX Sound also features a standby mode that kicks in after of 20 minutes of inactivity to help save on power. It’s unclear if these are powered speakers or if they run on a battery, but given the fact that Logitech makes no mention of battery life in its announcement, it’s likely that these are powered speakers.

Logitech says that these MX Sound speakers will be out by the end of September. They’ll have a suggested retail price of US$99.99 which could translate to $149 in Australia.

PC Gaming

In the PC gaming market where Logitech are looking to become a key player, they have introduced another new G series product lineup under their LightSpeed branding.

The company has unveiled wireless mouse, mechanical wireless keypad and a big mouse pad. Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse comes equipped with a new optical sensor- HERO.

The High-Efficiency Rated Optical sensor is added to strike a balance between precision and efficiency. The company claims that the mouse has 10 times the power efficiency of past sensors with sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI and 500 hours of battery life. Next in the list is Logitech G613 wireless mechanical keyboard. The keypad comes equipped with Logitech’s own Romer-G switches. It has six programmable G-keys for custom macros, and is said to have 18 months of battery life backed by two AA-batteries. The third product in the G series is G840. It is a big mouse pad that can house both G613 and G603.