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IFA 2017: LG V30 Take On Samsung With Cinematography Specs

LG has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the V30, at IFA 2017 in Berlin. Unlike its predecessor, the device has a single 6-inch OLED display screen which runs from ‘edge-to-edge’, similar to rival flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Historically, LG has separated its V series phones from Samsung devices by including a smaller display above the main screen, thereby allowing the phone to conserve battery and display messages even when the main display screen is off.

With the V30, in lieu of another screen – made rather redundant by OLED display – LG has set apart the flagship phone by focusing on strong cinematography specs.

The V30 has two cameras on the back – just like Samsung – however, LG’s device features a long lens on its main camera, which is made of glass and boasts the widest aperture seen on any smartphone camera thus far (fl.6 which is better than the fl.7 lens on Samsung’s Note 8). The feature enables LG’s camera to let in more light, thereby making it a strong rival for Samsung’s celebrated low-light capabilities.

The V30’s second camera has a plastic lens which is slower and offers an ultra wide angle.

In addition to the camera specs, LG has included a suite of software features made to amp up the cinematography focus of the phone.

The smartphone will include “Cine Video” mode which enables users to apply filters to their videos, inclusive of slow cinema-style zoom frames.

There will initially be 15 “Cine Effect” filters, inclusive of some which make videos appear like romantic comedies, thrillers, mysteries or retro films.

The aforementioned cinema-style zooming will also allow consumers to select a subject within their camera frame and have the phone slowly zoom in on that subject – reportedly using a digital zoom, rather than an optical zoom.

The phone’s power button doubles up as its fingerprint sensor – located on the back of the phone one-quarter of the way up – and is seemingly more user-friendly than the positioning of Samsung’s fingerprint sensor which is near the camera.

Sadly, the V30 will not ship with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo, instead, will come with Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

At current, LG is yet to confirm Australian pricing and availability for V30.

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