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Huawei Store: Why Are We Waiting?

Mystery still surrounds the opening date for the new Huawei storefront in the northern suburb of Chatswood.

The store is stocked with items and staff have been seen moving around inside, but the doors remain closed. A “Coming Soon” sign has been stickered to the glass-fronted shop.

One reason might be that there is no sign of Huawei’s foldable phone, which the technology giant unveiled several weeks ago.

Curiously, there are some odd-looking devices in the front display window. They’re called bots and mini-bots and many of them are made by one of Huawei’s competitors in China, Xiomai.

It seems the rival companies are on better terms in the neutral territory of Australia. The bots appear to be devices for transporting people, possibly in response to the take-up across the world of electric scooters and bikes. CDN awaits, with bated breath, an explanation.

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