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Huawei Slam Oz Govt After UK Support

Huawei has applauded a UK recommendation that the Chinese manufacturer not be prevented from working with British telcos on their networks – adding there’s “lessons to be learned” for the Australian government.

The company celebrates the UK parliament’s Science and Technology Committee findings that a ban against the company would not be a proportionate response to any potential security threats.

The Chine telco claims it “is yet another repudiation of the rushed and chaotic decision to exclude Huawei from 5G by the Turnbull Government”.

Huawei Australia director of corporate and public affairs Jeremy Mitchell said there are “lessons to be learned here for the Australian Government”.

He said the company complies “with all the local laws and regulations wherever we operate and we have always been willing to engage with the Australian Government to answer any questions they may have or to work through any concerns”.

“We remain open to taking whatever measures necessary to demonstrate the safety and security of our equipment – just as we are already doing in the UK and Europe.

“With so many Australians feeling let down by the speeds being delivered on the National Broadband Network it is crucial that Australia gets the best possible 5G networks – as things stand that is not going to happen – and it will be Australian mobile users that pay the price,” Mr Wright said.

The Australian government was the first country to place restrictions on Huawei banning them from the rollout of its 5G networks over national security concerns.

The Department of Communications said Australia’s position on 5G security is based on our domestic and national interests and stood by its decision from August last year.

“5G security is a sovereign decision for the UK, as it was for Australia.”

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