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Huawei OZ Says Australia Will Pay For 5G “Myths”

Huawei executive has slammed former Australian PM Malcolm Turnball over his 5G “myths”, warning Australians will pay for his comments.

Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs for Huawei Australia, shared his opinions on the 5G ban in a company blog post.

Mitchell criticised Turnbull for encouraging the UK to follow Australia and ban Huawei’s equipment when building out its 5G network, asserting it will pose a national security risk.

In his blog post, Mitchell slammed Turnball’s comments that there would be an increased security risk on a 5G network as a “myth…spun by the anti-Huawei brigade”.

Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate & Public Affairs for Huawei Australia.

“This myth was born after the PM’s visit to the USA in February 2018. Problem is what they said (and Turnbull is now continuing to say) just isn’t true.”

Australia was the first country to ban Huawei’s 5G equipment, followed by the US, New Zealand, and many more.

Mitchell claims that due to the 5G ban, Australian telcos will be forced to pay more money to build their networks with lesser technology with the cost being passed onto the consumer.

“Now that Huawei is excluded from the Australian 5G mix, telco operators will be paying around 30% more for the second best technology,” he said.

The on-going privacy saga continues to escalate, with the Chinese telco giant suing the US government for its 5G ban.

The US responded by urging its ally Germany to ban Huawei from its 5G network or risk being cut off from US security intelligence.

Read Mitchell’s full blog post here.

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