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Huawei Open To Selling Apple 5G Chipsets

As a shock to some, Huawei has reportedly confirmed it’s “open” to selling Apple its 5G Balong 5000 chipsets – despite strained US-China trade tensions, and carrier refusal to sell Huawei smartphones in the States.

Speaking to Engadgeta Huawei source has confirmed the Chinese giant is interested in selling its 5G chipsets to Apple, but no other handset manufacturer.

The news follows concern Apple may not have a 5G iPhone ready by 2020, citing developmental delays with its preferred component supplier Intel.

As previously reported, trade sources claim Qualcomm and Samsung have refused to sell Apple 5G chips – the first stemming from an ongoing patent dispute, the second citing insufficient production capabilities.

Historically, Huawei has denied selling components to rivals, with some commentators questioning a potential strategic shift.

Some analysts claim the move to supply Californian-based Apple with Chinese 5G chipsets could be perceived as an ‘olive branch’ between the two countries, however, it’s likely political implications will arise.

Neither Huawei or Apple have thus far responded to Engadget’s request for comment.

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