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Huawei Files Eight New Mate Trademarks

Huawei has reportedly filed trademarks for eight new “Mate”-branded product categories, echoing its premium smartphone branding.

Despite the company’s current woes surrounding the China export bans, which have seen it effectively hobbled from using Google’s Android operating system, Huawei is continuing to develop new products including its own-brand Harmony OS.

According to a tweet from Twitter user and Slashleaks contributor @RODENT950, Huawei appears to have registered the following eight “Mate” trademarks:

  • MateVR
  • MateRobot
  • MateRouter
  • MateAR
  • MateBand
  • MateRing
  • MateHome
  • MateAuto

It is not yet clear what the trademarks are for or whether Huawei plans to use them, though there is speculation that they portend Huawei extending the “Mate” branding across a wider range of products than just its premium devices.

Governments and corporations have been snubbing the Chinese manufacturer, with the UK, US and Australia all barring Huawei from supplying equipment for their 5G networks; it was also forced by tough financial circumstances to drop its long-standing sponsorship of the Canberra Raiders this year.

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