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HTC Viveport Moves Into Beta

Originally announced back in August, HTC’s independent VR storefront moved into beta for Chinese users this week.

Called the Viveport M, it’s a free Android-based marketplace that promises “best-in-class content to mobile VR users across hardware platforms.”

Up until now, the primary content outlet for the HTC Vive has been Valve Corp’s Steam Store. 

Viveport will see HTC taking a standard 70/30 revenue split with developers.

“Compelling content is the life blood of the burgeoning VR industry, but making great content isn’t easy or cheap,” said HTC China’s Regional President Vive Alvin Graylin.

“By expanding Viveport into mobile and offline channels, we are exponentially expanding the user base and revenue opportunities for VR developers around the world. This will give them the funds they need to not only survive but prosper, encouraging the creation of more exciting content.”

The company plans to further expand this base through the new Viveport Arcade.

A content management platformed designed for offline experiences, Viveport Arcade represents an effort by HTC to push VR into game centers, karaoke bars, and other location-based entertainment venues.

“Viveport Arcade will make it much easier for VR arcade operators to legally acquire the most compelling VR content available, while the system itself will allow both operators and developers to accurately share the revenue from end users,” HTC explained.

The company says pilot programs for Viveport Arcade have already been deployed in a number of locations in the last one to two months and will soon expand to hundreds of gaming centers, amusement parks and karaoke bars across China.

Viveport M is currently available for mobile developers in China, and a consumer version will launch globally within the next year.

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