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HTC Eyes Car Industry To Lift Struggling Bottom Line

Following a record NT$9.8 billion [~US$3.3 million] quarterly net loss, Taiwanese-based HTC has today revealed a new ‘double pronged’ strategy, claimed to rebound its virtual reality (VR) and struggling smartphone business.

According to Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimesHTC is in talks with several global automobile makers, to promote its Vive Focus standalone virtual reality devices.

Using HTC’s Vive Focus, customers can test drive vehicles in virtual reality, and experience car safety features. (Read more here).

Sources claim HTC has partnered with VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda and Jaguar to establish experimental VR shops.

The news follows HTC’s deal with Toyota distributor ‘Hotai Motor’, which featured the installation of Vive Focus devices in 109 Hotai product display centres.


Concerning smartphones, HTC has reinforced its commitment to the newly unveiled ‘Desire 12′ – a 5.5 inch mid-range device, claimed to gain traction in ’emerging markets’.

The ‘Desire 12’ supports HTC’s voice assistant, ‘HTC Sense Companion’, and is set to launch in its home country by the end of April.

The Taiwanese company intends to further expand its ‘Desire’ range – e.g. the premium 6-inch Desire 12+.

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