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Hoverboard Sales Face Real Risk Of Being Banned

Hoverboard Sales Face Real Risk Of Being Banned

Hoverboard sales could be banned in NSW after another Hoverboard fire gutted the bedroom of two children.

According to NSW Fire + Rescue the NSW Department Of Fair Trading will investigate the fire that happened when two Hoverboards were being charged.

According to Zeina Alameddine the mother of the two children who escaped the blaze, the Hoverboards “were not bought on eBay”.

“We bought them both Hoverboards at a retail store located in a local shopping centre, they were not purchased online” she said.

The Christmas gift blew up while charging in the Berala home while a mother and her three children were home.

“I was in my lounge room with my three children, we heard a massive bang in my son’s room,” she told Channel Nine News.

“As I’m running to the room it just exploded again, so my three children started to cry and scream, I just grabbed them and ran out through the back door.”

The toy was one of three owned by the family and had been charging for less than an hour, Ms Alameddine said.

The family was aware of safety warnings surrounding the toys, and had bought them from a Sydney shopping centre rather than online.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the bedroom had been gutted by fire.

“It appears that the batteries have failed and caught alight,” firefighter Wayne Schweickle said.

The house fire is the third in NSW linked to Hoverboards in the past month.

At CES one Chinese Company was offering Hoverboards for $99. While this was a wholesale price the Company struggled to provide any certification certificates despite assuring ChannelNews that certification certificates existed for both the batteries and charger.

ChannelNews has been told that these cheap versions of Hoverboards are now being imported into Australia.


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