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Hong Kong Kickstarter Brings Back The Portable CD Player

A Kickstarter for a Bluetooth-enabled portable CD player has more than doubled its funding goal in the first two days.

The Long Time No See Bluetooth 5.0 Portable CD Player from Hong Kong-based NINM lab launched on September 16 with an initial goal of $100,000 HKD ($17,763 AUD); since then it has already surpassed $46,000 at time of writing.

Compatible with both 3.5mm headphones and wireless headphones such as Apple AirPods, as well as Bluetooth speakers and stereos, the translucent CD player available in both clear and blue is an explicit nod to nostalgia, just like NINM Lab’s previous audio product – the IT’S OK Bluetooth cassette player – which raised more than $110,000 on Kickstarter last year.

“Every day, we use our phones and computers to listen to music, while listening to a CD album has become a thing of the past,” the creators said. “If one day, we are denied access to the Internet and streaming platforms, or if a song we all resonate with gets taken down… suddenly, we will realise the long lost beauty and importance of a CD album.”

The Long Time No See is available at a pledge level of $142, with shipping expected in January. The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 18.

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