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Hobart Claims Oz Speed Record With Gigabit NBN

Don’t worry about slow NBN speeds if you’re planning a move to Tasmania. From its Launceston base, retail service outfit Launtel has re-launched its gigabit-speed NBN service in Hobart as part of what it says is its goal to make Tassie a gigabit-speed State.

“Launtel offers the local business community Internet speeds 10 times faster than any other NBN Internet service currently available to businesses that have pure fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) connections on the NBN – and 100 times faster than the current national average speed (10.1Mbps),” said Launtel CEO Michael Costigan.

According to Launtel, “various political, economic, and logistical reasons will prevent other Australian States from having widespread access to gigabit services for the next few years.”

Said Costigan: “Gigabit connectivity catapults Hobart into an escalating number of gigabit cities that boast the world’s fastest Internet, including Amsterdam, Moscow, Singapore, Toronto, Barcelona, and fast-growing Hyderabad.”

He added: “Tasmania must seize this golden opportunity to claim what is effectively Australia’s version of Silicon Valley and become the nation’s point-of-contact for the other gigabit economies around the world.”

(Er, sorry, Michael, it takes a bit more than good Internet reception to make a Silicon Valley. A vast university like Stanford and the HQ of something like HP would be a minimum start. – Ed.)

The Hobart move was launched yesterday over what the company described as “a few drinks and nibbles” at Hobart’s Cargo Bar and Pizza House.

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