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LG Makes Curved OLED TVs More Affordable

LG Makes Curved OLED TVs More Affordable

After years of OLED TVs being promised as the next big thing, LG’s models are finally widely available at retail – and now at more accessible price points. 
This is evident with the Company’s new 55-inch Curved OLED TV, model 55EC930T at $3,999, which definitely puts curved TV technology in reach for many more people, especially those who are looking to upgrade a smaller flat-screen panel they’ve had for years.  
OLED is different to LED/LCD as its pixels are self-illuminating, meaning a backlight doesn’t need to shine through pixels that are black, resulting in blacker deep blacks, excellent motion clarity, colours that pop and can more easily deliver super thin curved panels.  

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The key features of this new model are an infinite contrast ratio, LG’s 4-colour pixel technology of white, red, green and blue, unlike traditional LCD panels than only offer red, green and blue; an incredibly fast pixel response time of 0.002ms, a twin HD tuner that lets you watch and record live TV at the same time, a dual-core processor to handle it all and HbbTV (FreeviewPlus) compatibility. 

Another key benefit is LG’s webOS smart TV interface, seen for the first time in LG’s OLED TV, which is head and shoulders above the smart TV interfaces on competing TVs, alongside the LG Magic Remote with its simple gestures, point and click, scrolling and voice commands. 
At just 4.5 millimeters thin at its thinnest point, LG’s curved TV is also a talking point for your friends and family, as the gentle curve not only helps to create a level of viewer immersion but also makes it truly stylish.
LG has also created an almost bezel-less ‘Cinema Screen’ design so the picture goes virtually from edge to edge. 
Mount it on the wall if you desire, or use the newly designed streamlined stand, but you have the flexibility of how to display the TV to best fit your needs, making for an enviable design statement that will be noticed by everyone without one of these new curved screens. 
LG’s GM of Marketing, Lambro Skropidis said: “LG is taking this premium technology and opening it up to the average Australian. LG’s improved manufacturing efficiencies now allow us to sell OLED TVs – previously considered a ‘future’ technology – today. Not only is the price-point lower than a year ago, making it more affordable, I can tell you that LG’s OLED TVs have picture quality and design benefits that simply elevate the home entertainment experience to whole new levels.”
More information and full specs are available at LG’s site here, with this model retailing for $3,999 and on sale at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, and “other selected outlets”.