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Hisense TV’s Not So Brilliant When You Get Them Home

An investigation by SmartHouse reveals that several TV brands are using demo video tapes in retail stores that present image capability that cannot be reproduced when the TV is changed from instore demo mode to normal TV.

A new demo tape used by Hisense in Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys stores shows “brilliant” colours being delivered to their instore 4K Ultra High Definition TV’s the same applies to the new Sony 4K HDR TV’s.

But once the TV leaves the stores consumers are struggling to see the same quality on their TV according to consumers who have contacted SmartHouse.

Several retailers told ChannelNews that it is a common complaint.

A JB HI Fi on floor sales executive said that he recently had a customer who complained that the Hisense TV he purchased was not able to deliver the same quality as the image displayed on the Hisense instore display and that several customers had complained after taking a TV home.

A Bing Lee sales executive said “All the vendors are hyping the colour saturation of their TV’s. The picture you get in stores is not what you get at home, Sony is among the worse. Their output is also superbright”.

Recently Hisense launch an outdoor marketing campaign claiming that their TV’s were “striking” to co-inside with their sponsorship of the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia.

Retailers have told ChannelNews that Sony’s ‘shop mode’ ups the brightness and oversaturates the colours so that they appear more vivid and stand out when the Sony TV is up against TV’s from a bunch of other manufacturers.

One Harvey Norman customer who purchased a 2018 Hisense TV told ChannelNews that they were set to lodge a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission claiming that there should be “no difference” in display colours.

The video store demo tapes used to demonstrate are by majority edited.

In the case of Ultra High Definition TV’s that display a 4K image some vendors are shooting in 8K editing the content for their display reel and then stepping the video down to deliver a highly saturated bright coloured demo reel for retailers.

Neither Hisense or Sony have commented for this story.

Also using demo tapes are Samsung, LG and Panasonic, a review by SmartHouse at three stores revealed that the most “believable” video demonstration tape was produced by Panasonic.

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