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Highly Anticipated Fujifilm Camera Begins Shipping

FujiFilms latest camera, the X100VI has started shipping in various nations around the world.

This device is the sixth version in the series, with early reviews remaining on the positive side as it tries to keep the success of its predecessors.

Yes, the fixed-lens mirrorless camera has always been a hit, but, it was the X100V that picked up the momentum and saw sales soar.

It’s been so popular that for over a year, it’s been hard to find. However, the new X100VI is now set to take the stage, retailing for A$2,899 in Australia.

It remains to be seen if the X100VI will see the same success of its predecessor.

It comes with a larger 40-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, and introduces in-body image stabilisation.

This feature offers more reliability in low light situations, where slower shutter speeds are needed.

It also has a flip-out display, which first arrived with the X100V, however, it’s been tweaked to offer more tilt and pull.

The battery is also the same as the X100V, but is rated to provide 450 shots per charge. Additionally, there are film simulation modes, including a new one called ‘Reala Ace.’

To find out more about this camera, or the limited edition version still to come, check out our previous story here.

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