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Optus Provides Wi-Fi Calling With New App

Optus Provides Wi-Fi Calling With New AppOptus says it is the first Australian telco to launch Wi-Fi calling, with the free app available to prepaid and postpaid customers.

The app allows customers to text or call any mobile phone number, or call any landline, in Australia or overseas, providing an alternative for customers with limited mobile coverage. Calls and texts are charged to the customer’s mobile bill or deducted from prepaid balance, with the same inclusions and rates as the customer’s mobile plan.

“WiFi Talk is an innovative solution to help customers stay connected easily if mobile coverage is limited indoors, whether at home, in the office, or even in places such as shopping centres,” Amanda Hutton, Optus vice president of customer experience and delivery, commented.

“The app is simple and easy to use. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi calling applications, it uses your existing Optus mobile number when people call or text you, and they don’t need the app or have to do anything differently.”

WiFi Talk can be used with the Wi-Fi internet connection of any broadband provider, with Optus recommending a minimum Wi-Fi connection speed of 100 Kb per second.

Optus states that a relatively small amount of data is used, stating that, as a rough guide, when the
app is making or receiving a call, WiFi Talk can use approximately 300 kB
per minute, while when the handset is in idle/standby mode (open and running
in the background), not receiving or making any calls, it uses
approximately 80 kB per hour.

The app is compatible with iPhone handsets with iOS version 6 and Android handsets with version 4.0 and above.

Further information can be found here.