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Half Of Aussies Now Covered By Telstra 5G Network

Telstra has hit an important milestone in its 5G rollout, with more than half of Australians now living within its coverage footprint.

More than 750,000 devices are now connected to Telstra’s 5G network, and the telco claims thousands of new devices are being added every week.

According to Channa Seneviratne, Telstra’s Network Technology Development & Solutions Executive, the fact that one in two Australians now have access to Telstra 5G is a huge milestone for the company, as customers have said coverage is the most important factor for 5G technology.

“We’ve expanded Telstra’s 5G network coverage to even more areas of our big cities, regional centres and country towns and, with more to come, more Australians will be covered by Telstra 5G than anyone else.

“We now have Telstra 5G coverage in selected areas of more than 100 cities and towns, including major regional centres in every state including Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Geelong, Mt Gambier, Launceston and Busselton so our customers can get Telstra 5G in more places,” he said.

Telstra plans to expand its coverage to 75 per cent of Australians by the middle of the year, and more than 2650 5G sites are now on air across the country.

A Telstra spokesperson has predicted that 5G could be ten times faster than current speeds when it reaches its peak. The telco is building millimetre-wave 5G antennas in suburbs around Australia, offering home 5G services to compete with fixed-line NBN options.

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