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Its Live! Facebook Apps OZ Assault

Its Live! Facebook Apps OZ Assault

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Facebook has announced its App Centre is live in OZ, which makes it easy to find apps through friends –  everything from Draw Something, Instagram to Angry Birds can now be obtained on the network.

Launched in the US last month, Facebook’s App Center has mobile and web apps and new titles including Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood, and Ghost Recon Commander.

Apps are rated and millions of Facebookers can also see which apps mates are using from ‘Friends apps’, ‘Suggested’ and other trending titles.

The range covers everything from games, to entertainment, news and lifestyle.

The social network has inserted clever buttons “Send To Mobile” or “Play” which sends your “basic information” to the app owners including e-mail address in some cases, in return for giving users access to the app.

The “Send To Mobile” is handy if you are using Facebook on a computer as it allows access to the app straight from your smartphone.

The launch may change the way smartphone users browse for apps, and Google Play and Apple App Store may take a hit, although its too early to tell.

Yesterday, it emerged the social network may be about to launch a new ad campaign based on its millions of users app usage, which could stoke new privacy fears among its 901 million community.