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Apple TV Not A Done Deal New Content & Games Critical

Apple TV Not A Done Deal New Content & Games Critical

The new Apple Smart  TV is tipped to come with a motion control similar to the Microsoft’s Kinect or the Nintendo Wii remote opening the device up to be a gaming display screen.

In recent weeks senior Apple executives have been talking to content providers about the new TV which is also tipped to play games downloaded from the Apple store and Apple’s recently launched iCloud environment. Apple Internet Services Senior VP, Eddy Cue, has told Hollywood Studios that the new TV is well advanced and that content is critical in attracting customers for both content providers and Apple.

Apple’s AirPlay which will be built into the TV will allow users to quickly push content from an iPad or smartphone to the new Apple TV.

Critical to the timing of the new TV is global access to content. Apple is set to put up billions to get access to content such as first run movies according to a US Hollywood movie source.

Despite having said he “finally cracked it” regarding easy-to-use TVs, former Chairman Steve Jobs is believed to have been fully aware of the content problems associated with the launch of an Apple TV which is going to struggle to get content from the likes of Sony and Columbia Tri Star, as both companies are owned by Sony who is currently trying to promote their own smart TV.

Another issue facing Apple is that TVs are not turned over as often as MAC computers, iPhones or iPads. Their TV is expected to be released late 2012 to early 2013.