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Govt. Reveals Plan To Build More Black-Spot Mobile base Stations

CANBERRA: The Morrison Government has revealed plans to build 182 new base stations for its mobile black spot program.  Dubbed Round 5, the latest move will bring the total number of black-spot stations to 1229, the Government says.

So far, however, only 800-odd black-spot stations are actually operating.

WA will get 63 of the new black-spot stations, Queensland 40, NSW 25, Queensland 17, Tasmania 11 and Victoria 13. 

(That accounts for 169 new base stations: the Government has yet to explain where the other 12 are going – offshore islands, perhaps.)

The Government yesterday also revealed that it is planning to conduct a new funding round, dubbed Round 5A, to test a range of different program designs. 

According to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher, Round 5A will be used to test a range of different designs. His office explains that this is because, with each successive round, the base stations being funded are proving less economic for network operators. 

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