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Gov Claims Covid ‘Success’ Will Attract Big Movie Makers To Oz

CANBEERA: Australia’s relative success in managing Covid-19 is being promoted by the Morrison Government as an incentive to attract more international makers of film and television productions to Australia.

According to a media release by Comms Minister Paul Fletcher, “thousands of jobs are expected to flow to carpenters, lighting technicians, local actors, set designers, extras, crews and special effects experts,” as the Government seeks to increase a $400 million incentive.

He added: “To help achieve this, we are extending our screen incentive over seven years, working together with the tax system, to ensure that studios can commit to multiple productions over multiple years, guaranteeing jobs both now and into the future.”

The Government claims this should help Australia attract an estimated $3 billion in foreign expenditure and create 8000 new employment opportunities for Australians each year.

Alas for the Government, the claim about “relative success in managing Covid 19” was apparently made at least a few days before Covid 19 struck heavily in Victoria and, to a somewhat lesser extent, in NSW.

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