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GoPro’s Leaked New Flagship Isn’t New At All

GoPro is tipped to launch a new flagship action camera; however, the latest leaks suggest it may not be as new as you’d expect.

According to images revealed by WinFuture, a source that has reliably leaked GoPro information before, the upcoming GoPro Hero11 Black looks to be quite the same as the current Hero10 Black.

Credit: WinFuture

The Hero10 Black was capable of 5.3K, 60FPS recording, boasted a 23MP sensor, GP2 processor and dual LCD screens, one large 2.27-inch touchscreen on the back and a smaller 1.4-inch one on the front next to the lens for vloggers. Waterproofing works up to 10M of depth.

Whilst the physical design of the Hero11 Black appears to be the same as its predecessor, and even the Hero9 Black before it, most of the upgrades between the last two were hidden under its outer shell, in the form of a better processor which unlocked higher resolution recording at double the frame rate.

Credit: WinFuture

This could mean even further advances in the internals of the new flagship, with a processor that could launch recording resolution to 6K or at higher frame rates.

Still, fans who were hoping for a larger edge-to-edge display or a larger camera sensor are likely to be disappointed if the final product is true to the leaked images.

GoPro is yet to announce the Hero11 Black, but it is expected to launch in September as previous models have.

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