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GoPro Hero 3 Gets Bigger And Better

The GoPro 3 is smaller, lighter and features internal WiFi connectivity. But despite its nifty size, the latest GoPro edition has gone one up its predecessors.

The Black Edition offers an array of ultra-high-resolution capture modes and high frame rates for standard HD resolutions – making this neat little product the perfect product for capturing quality content.

But GoPro’s control scheme has also seen changes – it now requires longer learning terms suited for professional or experienced photographers rather than just the average punter on a snowboard. This may be unappealing to the tourism market, looking for a simple pick-me-up for convenient photography during an overseas trip.

Overall, the GoPro Hero Silver and White Editions 3 are still strong competitors in the sporting and adventure camera markets – but the faster, more powerful Black Edition triumphs as the market.

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