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Google TV Set To Gain Self-Charging Remote

TCL, Tempo, Akai, Braun all run Android TV and Google TV OS, and now a new reference design for Android and Google TV devices has been revealed featuring a photovoltaic panel for solar self-charging the integrated battery.

While there’s still no firm promise this remote will land for future generations of Android TV and Google TV devices, it looks like it’s on the cards, though it’s likely brands like Sony and Philips will stick to their own individual remote designs.

A lot of existing Android TV and Google TV remotes already have TW Electronics’ reference designs in play, and this new remote sports the same design as your standard Google TV remote, but the addition of the photovoltaic panel at the bottom for self-charging really sets it apart.

The panel converts energy from indoor light sources into electricity to charge the battery. This is the first time this tech is being used in a Google TV device, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of adding separate expensive packs of batteries to your shopping list.

Samsung have a similar device already, which they claim can make the internal battery last up to seven years, but their solar panels are at the back of the unit.

Amazon are also believed to be working on adding this tech to a new FireTV remote, and Apple TV already comes with a rechargeable remote.

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