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Google To Follow Apple’s Lead On Key Feature

Based on fresh leaks about this year’s Google Pixel, it looks like the device will follow in the footsteps of Apple’s iPhone 7 and arrive without a traditional headphone jack.

As originally reported by GSMArena, the device will sport a slightly curved display and a set of front-facing speakers – but no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Instead, it looks like Pixel-owners will have to rely on the Pixel’s single USB-C port and Bluetooth connectivity to get by.

The HTC-built Pixel and Pixel XL are said to have moved over 2.1 million units since their launch in September 2016.

Google’s follow-up devices are expected to release between August and October this year in order to coincide with the release of the Android O software update.

Though previous reports had seemed to suggest that Google planned to continue to work with HTC on Pixel devices for at least another year, the choice to jump ship to LG (at-least in part) suggests that features like an OLED display might come to the Pixel range sooner rather than later.
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