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Google Tease Return Of Google Glass AR Headset

Google seem to have reignited their interest in developing AR glasses like their previous Google Glass after acquiring start-up company Raxium.

Raxium are experts in developing Micro LED technology, boasting Micro LEDs that measure 3.5 microns per pixel and offer millions of nits of brightness.

While there hasn’t been any explicit information as to why Google acquired the 5-year-old start-up company, it hints at the idea that they may be returning to the development of Google Glass.

Micro LEDs are not dissimilar to OLED, but with less issues such as burn in. Their small size makes them ideal for close-up and small monitors where the gaps between pixels are often visible.

If Google were to launch a new set of AR glasses, they would be facing some fierce competition in the Microsoft HoloLens and even from Oppo’s Air Glass. However, news that Google are looking to build an AR headset has been noted for some time now after details of a Project Iris were leaked. Apple however may also be looking into the technology after they acquired a maker of Micro LED displays in 2014.

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