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Google Steal Squeeze Technology Idea From HTC

Google is set to steal a technology idea from HTC, with a filing in the USA revealing that their next Google Pixel will incorporate the same Active Squeeze technology exclusively found in the new HTC U 11.

If it wasn’t clear HTC was making the next-gen Google Pixel 2, it should be now.

Documents filed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) describe the feature as a “languages, input & gestures” setting, sounds found in the HTC Edge Sense software which allows a user to shoot an image or activate their camera by simply squeezing the sides of the U11.

It appears from the screenshots posted with the filing (via 9to5Google), the phone will run Android 8.0.1 and have 64GB of storage.

Recent leaks have suggested the phone will have much the same boring design as the original what is not known is whether the device will be heavier than the already overweight original Pixel.
, which has led to disappointment in some quarters.

An image posted online showed no dual camera and no noticeable decrease of bezel size. Both would leave the Pixel lagging this year’s flagships.

It is also thought this year’s phones will lose the headphone jack.

The new XL Google phone is set to be made by LG while has been given the job of manufacturing the smaller Pixel phone.

Storage is listed at 50.66GB free when 21% is used, revealing a likely 64GB capacity. Those series of screen captures also show the Pixel navigation bar, though the Status bar is conveniently cropped out.

The device’s processor has also likely been confirmed by way of the particular Qualcomm Wi-Fi chip (WCN3990) used. An earlier filing with the Wi-Fi Alliance points to the use of a 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi chipset with MU-MIMO that is only compatible with Snapdragon 660 or the 835. Given the premium nature of the Pixel line and the fact that the “Baseband version” features the 8998 codename, the latter chip is very likely.

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