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Google Leaks Pixel 3 Colours

A Japanese Google promotion site may have inadvertently disclosed the colours of the company’s Pixel 3 handsets, due for release next month.

The site shows the phone’s outline in three colours: black, white and mint, and is just the latest in a string of leaks in the weeks leading up to its launch, some of which have included more important design and specifications.

The page features the outline of a phone, along with the words ‘Coming Soon’.

Google is expected to unveil its Pixel 3 handsets in regular and XL sizes at the Made By Google event on October 9.

The number of leaks regarding the releases have given industry analysts and reviewers a reasonably comprehensive picture of what the phones will look like: a similar design to Pixel 2 XL, with the addition of a notch at the top of the handset like the one on the iPhone X.

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