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Google Rethinks Speaker Business, Big Home Max Killed Off

Google appears to be rethinking their speaker business with the big search Company who is in a head on battle with Amazon and their Echo speakers, moving to discontinue their big Google Home Max speaker.

A visit to the Google online stores shows the speaker is discontinued. Google claims that they have sold all the remaining units of the Google Home Max despite it being seen as one of the most popular big, networked speakers that had built in AI and 2xTweeters, and 2xwoofers.

Measuring 13.2√ó7.4-inches (WxH), the stereo speaker weighed 5.3kg.

The speaker unit was covered inside an acoustic transparent fabric and polycarbonate body.

It has 4xLED indicators, touch controls for volume, play/pause music, Assistant, and mic toggle.

Google claims that existing users will get support for the speaker going forward including security fixes as well as sound and home audio features for Assistant-enabled speakers.

The original Google Home speakers appear to have been replaced by Nest Audio Smart speakers.

The Google Home Max also has Smart Sound.

It adapts to the environment and its position to throw audio accordingly. It supports audio over Bluetooth, and others like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music. You can also use the always-ready Google Assistant to control the speaker.

With the end of Google Home Max, the company is tipped to kill off their Home branding and, in the future, use the Nest branding.



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