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Google Working On Android Replacement ‘Fuchsia’

Google is reportedly working on a new OS dubbed ‘project fuchsia’ a successor to Android which will be released in the next five years but the search engine giant has come out refuting these claims.

Originally reported by Bloomberg, for the past two years engineers at Google have been working on software to replace Android. This software has been created ‘from scratch to overcome the limitations of Android as more personal devices and other gadgets come online’.

The new OS is being designed to accommodate its smart assistant and ‘frequent’ security updates, it is also giving it the same look across all devices.

Sources claim CEO Sundar Pichai wants his company to go ‘towards AI services reaching consumers everywhere’. However, its prime operating systems which depends on hardware partners have been lagging.

Those working on the project have said the plan is to create a single OS that can run all of the company’s in-house gadgets like its smart speakers and smartphones plus third-party devices relying on Android and Chrome OS.

Bloomberg says Google wants to instate the operating system in the next five years. Its first move will be installing Fuchsia OS into a smart speaker within the next three years and then moving onto smartphones.

Symbol For Project Fuchsia

However with these reports circling the industry, Google has already come out of the woodwork to dismissing this story.

A spokesperson for Google told CNET, “[Fuchsia is] one of many experimental open-source projects” and did not explain anything further.

The company has not denied the existence of Fuchsia but is being coy over whether it will be replacing Android meaning it still could happen.

With all this being said reports say Pichai and Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP platforms and & ecosystems at Google ‘have yet to sign off on any road map for Fuchsia’. One of these reasons is being of Androids gargantuan global spread supporting dozens of hardware partners, thousands of developers and billions of mobile-ad dollars.

Only yesterday Google was given a historic fine of $6.8bn by the EU over its dominant position its OS Android has in the European marketplace.

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