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Google Now Alerts Users To Personal Contact Info Appearing Online

Google is now set to send out notifications when it finds a user’s address, phone number, or email on the web, so users can then review and request removal of the information.

Taking place from Google’s “results about you” dashboard on phones/web, first rolled out last September. The update allows users to find their information on Google without having to search for it themselves.

Once personal information has been inserted, the dashboard will pull up websites containing matches, giving users the chance to review each one, and submit a request to remove it.

Previously, the company required users to search for the information themselves, then manually request the removal.

Users can also enable push notification that will alert them to any new results, and it can track requests from Google’s Hub, showing the in-progress, approved, denied, and undone requests.

This does however mean, the information won’t be completed erased. People can still find the information if they stumble upon it on the webpage its on. Google has some limitations to certain search results in can and can’t remove, and won’t take action on government and education institution results.

This update is important if the user is a victim of doxxing. So far, it’s rolling out in the US in English, with Google working on more availability “soon.”

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