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Google Images Adds Lens In Oz

Google has added support for its Lens AI to Google Images in Australia to give users more information on the things they see.

The feature was rolled out in the US in October last year but users in Australia are now able to access it as well, allowing them to use Lens to find more information about objects of interest within an image such as a piece of clothing or a landmark.

When browsing Google Images on their mobile, users can now tap on the Lens icon when they select an image.

Lens then analyses the image for points of interest users can tap on to show more information about them, such as similar images or products.

The feature is similar to Instagram’s “shoppable posts” feature, but is able to work on any image without requiring any action from the person or account posting it.

Google Images product manager Assaf Broitman said its part of the plan to make Images “a more useful place to explore the web through images”.

“Lens in Google Images also helps website owners by giving them a new way to be discovered through a visual search, similar to a traditional Google Search,” Mr Broitman said.


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