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Google Hint At Premium Pixel Foldable And Pro Tablet

New information regarding the highly anticipated Google Pixel foldable smartphone has arisen after developers spotted references to two new devices.

Delving into Google’s Android 13 latest release beta, code has been spotted that refers to a device called ‘Felix’, and it being in folded and unfolded states. There was also reference to a possible “Pro” tablet.

Screenshots of the code in question were shared on Twitter by developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who suggests that the new foldable will indeed be a premium device based on the camera setup mentioned.


According to Wojciechowski, the Pixel Foldable will sport a 64MP Sony IMX787 main camera sensor and a 8MP Sony IMX355 sensor on the front. Both the front and back are also expected to have 10.8MP Samsung S5K3J1 telephoto lens.

Before Felix, codenames for the foldable had included Passport and Pipit, the latter of which suggested that the foldable device would make use of the Google Tensor chip found in the Pixel 6. As the new Pixel 7 is set to make use of a Tensor 2 chip, it would seem an odd choice to feature the old chip in a premium device that needs to compete with Samsung and Motorola in a rapidly growing market. The new code makes no reference to what processor may be used.

Whilst previous speculation has suggested that the Pixel foldable would opt for a flip design like the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 or the Motorola Razr, the new dual rear camera system, alongside an icon in the Google Camera App and data found in Android 12L suggests it may fold horizontally.

Google’s foldable is expected to launch early next year. Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has stated that manufacturing will begin in January next year, with a March release date to follow.

The other device discovered in the code was a Pro tablet that is being referred to as the t6pro or the tangorpro. Google had already unveiled that it was working on an Android tablet, and it had already been referred to as the t6 or tangor. With the Pro now added onto those codenames, it does seem that a more premium model may also launch.

Google only recently announced that it would be holding a Pixel Launch event on October 6th. Whilst neither the foldable nor tablet are expected to debut during the event, Google are expected to launch the Pixel 7 smartphone, Pixel Watch and a new Google Nest.

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