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Google Goes Big On AI With New Pixel Feature Drop

Google has announced the latest Pixel Feature Drop, which brings forth more AI features, including the key update, the arrival of Google’s new Gemini AI model for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Gemini Nano is the on-device version of the model, and comes to the Pixel 8 Pro due to the Tensor G3 processor, with two expanded features, Summarise in Recorder, and Smart Reply in Gboard.

The company says Gemini Nano powers Summarise in the Recorder app, and enables the 8 Pro to “get a summary of your recorded conversations, interviews, presentations and more – even without a network connection.”

Smart Reply in Gboard is also now available within WhatsApp, and will arrive in more apps next year. It will suggest “high quality responses with conversational awareness,” claims Google.

There are also additional AI features, including Video Boost, promising to “adjust colour, lighting, stabilisation and graininess,” due to computational photography models in the cloud.

Google claims this results in more true to life looking video, compatible with Night Sight, and “uses AI to apply noise reduction to videos recorded at night or in low-light conditions so you see rich detail and colour.”

Night Sight also now works with the Timelapse mode on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Other photography features include a new AI model balancing light, and removing shadows in Portrait mode on Google Photos. Users can now unblur images due to an enhanced Photo Unblur mode, and Pixel Fold owners can get a Dual Screen Preview when taking photos.

Also added is the ability to use a Pixel 6 (and newer) as a webcam via USB, as well as a new Clean feature to remove stains from photos of receipts, and Password Manager can now identify what accounts support passkeys, and help you add them.

Pixel owners will also be able to put the device in Repair Mode, which protects data if it needs to be repaired.

Google Assistant’s Call Screen will now suggest more contextual replies, and Pixel Watch owners are now able to unlock the Pixel phone when nearby.

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